Sources of knowledge

A question arises regarding the sources of knowledge. If we analyze it empirically, we can immediately ascertain two prominent sources of knowledge namely direct perception (pratyaksha) and logical inference (anuman). Read More »

The transience of life

Human life is so ephemeral. Though all lives are transient, the impact of ephemerality of human life is so difficult to cope up with. Nothing matters to us unless it happens with us. There are non-vegetarian people who eat meat which involves killing animals and they don’t bat an eye. Then there are so much of killing of human beings which we read every day in newspapers with a sip of tea. It doesn’t move us. It doesn’t affect us.Read More »

The final vision

When one investigates the nature of world and oneself, the remarkable similarity of dream-world with waking-world simply amazes. It is bewildering to observe that by no logic can one establish as to whether the world before us is of dream or of waking. One can never say definitively that he is dreaming or waking. However, the existence of oneself is never in doubt. Read More »

The road before

What is the idea of life! What are we expected to do here! Whence have we come and to where will we go? Who we are? What this whole world is about? How has it come and how does it sustain? These are some mind-boggling questions with which any ordinary human being is confronted. Read More »


मन भावों से है भरा हुआ

पर शब्द कहाँ आ पाते हैं।

तुम साँसों में हो बसी हुई

पर जुबाँ न कुछ कह पाती है।१।Read More »

तुम और मैं

Written on 09.05.2010

तुम एक कली उपवन की हो, मैं जंगल का उन्मत्त भ्रमर ।

क्या सह पाओगी तुम मेरा, सूरज किरणों सा प्यार प्रखर ।1।

तुम कतकी पूनो के जैसी, हो श्वेत शांत शीतल सुरम्य ।

पर मेरा प्यार है सागर के, निर्बंध ज्वार जैसा अदम्य ।2।Read More »

नैना भर कर

जीवन के गहरे सागर में,

बस तुम ही तो इक साथ सखी।

कैसे मैं भूला तुम्हें यहाँ,

तुम सदा ही थी जब साथ सखी।१।Read More »