The Vodafone case

Income-tax department has won the Vodafone case in Bombay High Court a couple of days back. The tax impact is around $2b. Thanks to the innovative work done in this case by Shri Girish Dave, Commissioner of Income-tax and Shri Rahul Navin, Additional Commissioner of Income-tax, the Income-tax dept will now more vigorously look for such deals which try to evade tax by creating complicated  layering of the business transactions. The resource earner of our motherland, the great Indian nation, the Income-tax dept is now on a high and working with added zeal and enthusiasm.

Rahul Navin sir’s coming into the premier training institute for IRS officers, National Academy of Direct Taxes, augurs well for the future of the dept. The young probationers are getting enriched in the area of International Taxation by his presence as faculty member. It is high time that other officers, who have established their name in the department by way of the innovative work they have put in for their motherland, should take part in the academic courses.  


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