Spiritual discourses

Lord Chaitanya instructs Sanatana Gosvami

One is always very confounded about the real object of life. Puzzled in knowing the very object of life, people live their lives in haphazard fashion, similar to a vehicle which doesn’t know where its destination is. On top of all this we don’t even know who we actually are. Basically, therefore, three questions are there.

1. Who are we?

2. How should we lead our lives?

3. What is the object of life? 

While teaching Sanatana Goswami, Lord Chaitanya takes up these three points and very succinctly tells the answer in only two verses. It is there in Chaitanya Charitamrita. It is for you to accept or reject, but the fact remains that it is told by none other than Lord himself. 

Sanatana Gosvami and Lord Chaitanya

vedaśāstra kahe — ‘sambandha‘, ‘abhidheya‘, ‘prayojana

kṛṣṇa‘ — prāpya sambandha, ‘bhakti‘ — prāptyera sādhana 

“The Vedic literatures give information about the living entity’s eternal relationship with Kṛṣṇa, which is called sambandha. The living entity’s understanding of this relationship and his acting accordingly is called abhidheya.Returning home, back to Godhead, is the ultimate goal of life and is called prayojana.” 

abhidheyanāma bhakti‘, ‘prema‘ — prayojana

puruṣārthaśiromaṇi prema mahādhana


“Devotional service, or sense activity for the satisfaction of the Lord, is called abhidheya because it can develop one’s original love of Godhead, which is the goal of life. This goal is the living entity’s topmost interest and greatest wealth. Thus one attains the platform of transcendental loving service unto the Lord.

Thus, Lord tells that sambandha is the answer to the first question in which one has to understand that we are eternal servants of Lord Krsna. Having understood this, one has to live his life in a manner which will help in attaining the object, that is prayojana. This living of life is abhidheya. Lord says that abhidheya is bhakti and the object of life is to get prema i.e.love of Shri Krishna.

Indeed, it is so simple but pretty hard to understand and realize. Once a person realizes this, immediately he is liberated from all miseries, so say the Vedic texts.


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