Anandvan visit

It will be no exaggeration if I say that I am left speechless after the visit to Anandvan. Truly, I am surprised by witnessing the sheer possibility of turning of socially discarded, stigmatised patients into self sufficient and productive human beings. The credit goes to Late Baba amte and presently to his sons Shri Vikas and Prakash Amte. Apart from the systematic formulation of Anandvan, the attribute which appealed me most was the confidence in the inhabitants. For me, confidence comes very high in the list of desirable qualities. Without confidence a person is as good as non-entity. To see the confidence on the face of people over there, which comes only when you feel that you are capable enough to take care of yourself and of others, was an extremely pleasant experience.  

When Shri Vikas Amte was narrating the life history of his father, he mentioned of an incident which changed his father’s life and a carefree person turned into Baba Amte. The incident reminded me of turning of Mohandas Gandhi into Mahatma Gandhi and that of a bandit into a sage Valmiki. It is always as small as an incident that has the potential of changing the entire life of a person.

One notable experience at Anandvan was the orchestra organised by the inhabitants of Anandvan for all the NADT people. To see them singing, dancing and playing musical instruments with such ease, I was simply speechless. I gave vent to my feelings only by applause.

Apart from all this, all of us had a bit of shopping there and we bought clothes prepared by the residents of Anandvan.

Well, though technically it is not prudent to come to any conclusion after so small a visit but nonetheless it was so appealing that one can’t help but simply appreciate Anandvan.

Visit Anandvan


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