One year at NADT

Yesterday, on 10th Dec, one year in NADT got completed. The year was full of academic inputs and of activities which will go a long way in shaping my life. I had come to NADT with an open frame of mind along with apprehensions and anticipations. Well, I have been taught by the sharpest minds in India during my graduation and had witnessed excellent academic atmosphere there. Obviously, I had apprehensions about NADT. However, without slightest of the hesitations I would firmly state that training in NADT is at par with anything in world. How the training should be conducted may be an area of debate but the quality of teaching and dedication of faculty is beyond question. Apart from that I benefitted immensely by the lengthy discussions which I used to have with some of my friends here. All that looks extremely satisfying now. I rate this year passed by as one of the most academically enriching year. I realized in NADT fully that I have a natural interest in Law and I can devote my entire life to administration and understanding of Law and will be so happy doing it. I had felt this first while studying Constitution for Civil Services Examination where naturally I was attracted more towards it. That intuition got corroborated here. It is nothing short of a discovery for me and its importance for me is invaluable. I will thank NADT for this.

The other attributes of mine, viz. public speaking and sports potential certainly got better here. And I am hundred percet sure that my batchmates of IIT will not agree that I am the same Sudhanshu as I used to be. I have got transformed from a unidimensional Mechanical Engg student to something much bigger. And one year in NADT has played instrumental role in making this happen.


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