India defeat England

And here comes the history. Not that India defeating England is something unusual, after all it is just a few days back that India trounced England 5-0 in one day series. Rather it is conspicuous because it is the first Indian win in which Sachin Tendulkar has made a century in fourth innings. Sachin is always alleged as someone who despite having all the attributes of a great player never makes India win in pressure situations, especially in Test cricket. The heart breaker against Pakistan is well known. However, intuitively we all do feel that this is not true. Somehow, this thing has kept on happening, still we had a feeling that there was nothing wrong with Sachin’s temperament or mental toughness. And, people belonging to this school of thought stand victorious today.

What an innings! Last ball of the match and Sachin on 99. This is while Sachin, of late, has been getting out in nineties. And here comes a four and the statistics ensues. 41st century, 4th highest run chase and first ton by Sachin in fourth innings in Indian win. That too, when India was clearly down for the first three days of test. It is these sorts of matches that inculcate in a team the winning confidence. India is going ahead exceptionally well. Dhoni is now having four wins out of four matches as captain. Let’s wish that this continues.


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