The new batch

The largest ever batch, the 62nd batch of IRS has arrived in the Academy. Brimming with aspirations and apprehensions, this batch looks extremely talented and qualified. However, extensive sixteen months training awaits them and it will take a little extra bit of discipline and passion to master the Act. They all have joined a department where only one thing is respected and that is knowledge. If you are knowledgeable, then you are as respectable as anybody in the Income-tax  department. The Academy correctly focuses on the knowledge part, which initially seems very tough to the probationers but gradually they get used to it. However, the attribute, which will make a difference and which will hold the key, is passion to learn and an inquisitive mind. Income-tax department is the place where they are going to live for next 35 odd years and it has to be the primary focus of the probationers. Academy provides excellent atmosphere for complete development of probationers into officers and it is up to a person as to how much benefit he/she can extract therefrom.

Well, after knowing about the batch profile of 62nd batch and the fact that they have extremely qualified Course Directors, I have no doubts in my mind that this batch will also prove itself to be a remarkable group of civil servants. However, it is up to them to set new standards in all the areas of induction training. Best wishes.


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