The new year resolve

Exactly one year has passed since the day when I stood in the class and narrated my resolve for the year 2008. It was essentially very simple. That was to acquire as much knowledge as I could and secondly, to understand different business models. One year down the line, I really feel that I did quite a bit in this regard . This year was academically one of the best years in my career. While I always have a belief that I could have gained a little more, still I can afford to be satisfied with what I got.

Coming to this year, I have got a perplexing resolve. Till now, the primary way of acquisition of knowledge was by study. It is still going to be the same for coming few months. However, I am unknown to the concept of ‘learning by doing’. I always get a feeling of unease whenever I don’t study up to my satisfaction. And once I get into the actual field, it is this ‘learning by doing’ concept which will hold good. I will be expected more to deliver and less to devote time on my personal front. The work-in-hand will get the prime responsibility. It is for this reason that I just want to have my new year resolve to excel in all works which I am given, whether small or big. Be it an assessment order or a remand report, I should do that with maximum degree of perfection possible. However, I am still unable to cope with the possibility that I won’t get adequate time for myself.

Another resolve which I have is that of keeping myself updated of the happenings. Putting it more specifically, I just want to make sure that I read the two pages of ToI, i.e. Times of ideas and Times trends everyday, come what may. The aim is to make it a habit. It will immensely help in improving my personality.

After having made my resolve, when I introspect on these, I feel how selfish I am. Entire resolve is centred around I, me and myself. I just want to rise above this. May God give me the wisdom and realization to think and do beyond these things. 


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