Was it so easy?

Things are essentially very simple. But they don’t seem so as long as we don’t get right way to do that. Today I got this experience. I wanted to justify the texts of the posts. And this button is conspicuously missing in the dashboard icon list. The absence of ‘justify’ gives you left aligned post which looks, at least to me, as good as haphazard.

I searched for the same and found that many people are having same problem. However, I got hold of one post which gave the solution. I read and appreciated the writer’s intelligence. He said that after completion of writing post in the dashboard you go to HTML version and wherever <p style=”text-align: left;”> comes, you simply replace ‘left’ with ‘justify’. I did the same and it worked. I put a comment acknowledging his post.

Just after that I read a comment in the same post which said that there is no need of doing all this stuff. You have to ‘simply’ press Shift+Alt+Z and you will get extended panel where you will get all the icons including that of justify. And it worked. And I realized that  indeed it is pretty hard to know simple things. 🙂 


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