Kural 121 to 130 are dedicated to this extraordinary attribute of self restraint. Though all of us practice this to the extent possible, but I somehow feel that we do it unwillingly. It is not done by us as a matter of principle. We do it because we know that the result will be adverse if we don’t observe this. It is here that the difference between ascetics and us arises. They know the self-restraint to be the fountainhead of joy and happiness and therefore, they practice it. Whereas we, on the other hand, believe something else to be the source of pleasure. That should not be the way of life. This thinking must change. 

Kural-121..Self-control will place (a man) among the Gods; the want of it will drive (him) into the thickest darkness (of hell). If you don’t have this attribute, be ready to be driven into the thickest darkness. Quite a deterrent it sounds.

Kural-122..Let self-control be guarded as a treasure; there is no greater source of good for man than that. No greater source of good for a person. Know it for sure. Realize it from the core of your heart. Eternal happiness will come from here.

What the uncontrolled tongue can do is told in Kural-129..The wound which has been burnt in by fire may heal, but a wound burnt in by the tongue will never heal. And therefore, we should be extremely cautious in the content and manner of speaking.

And finally, in Kural-130, the sage tells..Virtue, seeking for an opportunity, will come into the path of that man who, possessed of learning and self-control, guards himself against anger. Virtue is among the many things which one should aspire for. And that will come to our path once we have knowledge, self-restraint less anger. It is a very unique thing. Knowledge and good attributes sometimes bring an unwanted thing in you.Loosely put, that it pride and ego. Tulsi says in his epic that if you disrespect a lot, then even the most learned and wise people will also get anger.

सुनु मुनि बहुत अवज्ञा कियें।उपज क्रोध ज्ञानिन्ह के हियें।।

Therefore, Tiruvalluavar says that you should have learning and self control but less anger. And then virtue will come to you, knocking at your door, asking to be your companion. And you will be the happiest of the persons.


3 thoughts on “Self-restraint”

  1. hello sir,
    i am a student pursuing my bachelors in pharmacy at BITS pilani.over the pat 20 days i have been thinking about my future [ GRE or CAT or civils ] and since last 2 days i was searching about Indian Forest Service,just 4hrs back i called some Retd person from IFS,i just googled IFS and i got his phone number in a group called senior citizens of secundrabad which he mentioned so that people who are interested in Bridge can call him.he was 77 when he posted the scrap now he is 81.
    After talking to him,next tab which i saw had your blog.i still didnt read any of your articles in wordpress but read your articles in rediff which was their in another tab.
    i became a fan of Paulo Coelho after reading Alchemist,i am a firm believer of destiny.The final question which i have for you is how to know if indian forest service is what i want my life to be next!!
    i can understand the life of selected students during probation but how is life in the real world,the challenges you face.


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