Wonderful Google

It has always been my desire that my blog could be read in Hindi. Even though I write in English, people who don’t know English should be able to read this. I was not knowing that it is now possible. Google has made it possible. A particular online translator is in place which will translate the entire material into Hindi. Though the quality of translation is not up to the standard and a lot remains to be done, still it is a welcome sign. Getting something in Hindi without going through any arduous software is a boon, which is going to be only better in future. I am putting up a dedicated link for viewing it in Hindi.

If you feel difficulty in understanding whenever they translate wrongly, you just hover your mouse over there and original text will appear. Right now this translator seems to be in infancy but still it is most welcome.


3 thoughts on “Wonderful Google

  1. Yeah, when you feel that you have got a lot many things to speak on and there are not enough listeners around you, blogging comes natural to you. Moreover, it is a pretty useful tool for having a record of your thoughts.:)


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