Interview tips-I

I have been getting several requests for giving some tips as to how to face interviews conducted by UPSC. Now that I have got some free time in between the exams, I feel I should write something on this topic. Most of the visitors of this blog are aspirants of Civil Services or IFS. Therefore, my suggestions are centred to them only.

  1. First and foremost relates to the attire. What to wear is a central question and of paramount importance. The dress should be such that it doesn’t catch interviewer’s attention. He should be busy with you and not with your dress. It should be completely sober. For boys, the preferable dress code is off-white shirt, black trousers and blue tie. Thereafter, don’t be over-conscious of your dress.
  2.  Second thing relates to wishing the board members. If there is any lady member, then you should wish her first despite the fact that she is not the chairperson. Violating this normal courtesy may cost heavily. Further, one should  also be sure as to what to say, good morning or afternoon. If it is past 12, you must use afternoon only.
  3. Further, you should not sit unless you are asked to. Keep standing. If they don’t tell you to sit and it is quite a while then gently ask as to whether you could sit. In all probabilities they will allow you to sit.
  4. Keep your fingers crossed and put your hands in your lap. Don’t do any hand movement. It doesn’t look good. it is generally prohibited.
  5. Keep a sweet smile always on your face. After answering every question, give them a smile. It shows that you are relaxed.
  6. Try not to get into any controversy. Try not to take any side. Give balanced answers. If you are forced to take a side, then do take a side which is logically more correct but give the other alternative a proper place. For e.g., if you are asked to choose between capital punishment and life imprisonment then you should not straightway bombard the answer which you have mugged up.Every Tom, Dick and Harry has got his idea on this topic. In my opinion, one should respond as follows:-                                                                                                                                                                                    Sir, in this issue my mind says something and my heart says something else. While my heart says that people who have done such a brutal crime, rarest of rare as per Apex Court, they should be immediately punished to death. However, the mind says that every person should get an opportunity to be reformed etc. And put forth all the reasoning in support of life imprisonment. So, you have to take logically correct and more humane view but give the other side a proper place. Don’t just throw off the other alternative. That would show that you are not a balanced person.

Now, I take a break. I will write more on this issue later.


3 thoughts on “Interview tips-I”

  1. Hi sir
    It might be late to read your blog and put an opinion on it but as a new aspirant for UPSC it is really inspiring to read the success stories. I want to appear for UPSC please contact me all of the suggestions from you will encourage me. I’ll oblige if you can provide only few minutes from your valuable time.


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