Is there any end to desires? There is always something which you don’t have and you want to have that badly. This leads to a sense of restlessness. And this is there with you all through. Throughout one’s life, in childhood, in youth and in old age. There is not a single time when you are not restless. And this happens primarily because of this desire. Hope takes birth because of desire and this hope is the evil. This is the cause of sorrow. So, if you want to get rid of sorrow then you have to hit at the root cause of cause of sorrow. And that is desire. Only by removing desire from our life, we will become truly happy. Otherwise, the way we live has got only sparks of happiness.

Now, the question is how to get rid of desires. The very nature of mind is to hanker. To get away from desires, you will have to control the mind. Mind is the controller of all the senses. If it is controlled then your life will move in the direction which you want. And the only tool for that is application of your intelligence. There are other ways also but for ordinary people like us, only intelligence can pave the way. So, we have to think hard about the futility of desires. Think in all possible manners and get convinced that desires are worthless. That the pleasure we derive from their fruition is temporary and futile.

Such comprehension will give rise to a very useful conclusion which will have a significant impact on the way you live your life. It will make your life simple and austere. The resources which you spend on yourself for your sense gratification have a much better use. It is like wearing gold when you don’t have anything to eat. A person living nearby your place is dying of hunger and you are busy with the idea of buying a new fashion cloth.

Therefore, one should fight this enemy of ours that is desire tooth and nail. And also try to live life in an austere and simple manner.


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