Coming days

Exams are in progress and I am finding very less time for my favorite work, blogging. Thoughts come and go and I find myself raring to write something. The exam on international taxation got over today. A very simple paper, which was basically expected to be written in essay type. I was a bit disappointed to see the paper. It was too easy. Somehow I believe that the exam paper should be like a normal curve that is bell shaped curve. Some questions should be easy and some should be real tough nuts to crack. And it is in those questions that the real merit of the students gets identified. If all the questions are simple then everybody will be gauged as equal. This shouldn’t be there. Anyways this exam doesn’t really make a difference.

While the coming schedule is pretty tough in the sense that I am not going to get any leisure time till 20th Feb, I feel that Bharat Darshan, which is starting on the same day will wipe off the fatigue of the hard work of last three and half months. My group is going to west India for Bharat Darshan, a study tour for probationers. It will be followed by a trip to Singapore where there will be an attachment with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, one of the best tax administered countries of the world.

Well, I am eagerly waiting for the trip to commence.


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