In this new dedicated category of Soordas, I will be posting the bhajans written by Soordas and their English translation. This is something which I always wanted to do. Better late than never.

अजहूँ चेति अचेत

सबै दिन गए विषय के हेत।

तीनौं पन ऐसैं हीं खोए, केश भए सिर सेत॥

आँखिनि अंध, स्त्रवन नहिं सुनियत, थाके चरन समेत।

गंगा-जल तजि पियत कूप-जल, हरि-तजि पूजत प्रेत॥

मन-बच-क्रम जौ भजै स्याम कौं, चारि पदारथ देत।

ऐसौ प्रभू छाँडि़ क्यौं भटकै, अजहूँ चेति अचेत॥

राम नाम बिनु क्यौं छूटौगे, चंद गहैं ज्यौं केत।

सूरदास कछु खरच न लागत, राम नाम मुख लेत॥

O unconscious, at least now come to senses. Your life has gone hankering after material pleasures and now even the hairs of your head have become white. Your eyes cant see, ears cant listen and your feet are tired. You keep on drinking water from well leaving that of Ganga and you worship ghosts leaving Shri Hari. Had you worshipped Krishna by mind, speech and action, you would have got all the four results. Leaving such Bhagvan, why do you wander? Like eclipsed moon, you will not get away from world without taking name of Ram. Soordas says that for chanting the name of Ram, you dont have to spend anything.


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