It has been so long since I have written last. Completely immersed in the work over here in Mumbai, I am unable to find time for myself. Three hours of commuting every day is a little too much for a person like me. But still, this is a challenge which I undertook when I left Nagpur. No matter how hard I find to work in Mumbai, I have to do it. It is a decision of choice, I must stand on it.

Still, I must admit that I had never welcomed Friday night so eagerly. The thought of two days of ensuing rest makes Friday the most productive and relaxed day of entire week. You really feel like working even on Saturday.

But, definitely I am not finding any time at all for all the works which I have always wanted to do. Reading religious texts, wandering aimlessly in obscure places are a few things which I am not doing. But still, I must say that in the evening, when I return from work, though I am tired, I am happy.


5 thoughts on “Work”

  1. A man can cook food in a oven and if he likes he can cook himself also . This man Rahul seems somewhat cooking himself in the oven. He can turn any happy moment in a sad one. But Rahul bhai getting pleasure out of others pain is not sign of a mature human being. your sentence=you have reached where persons like you should reach= says a lot about your sick mental state.


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