Sorrow and laughter

It is the nature of mind that we don’t feel the magnitude of happiness when it is there. Even though we have large quantum of happiness still our mind will think about the sorrow which we have. Even if it is of a little amount, still majority of our attention will be centred on that. Having said that, it is the reality. Even though a person is intelligent, still it is very difficult for him to divert his mind away from pain.

Further, pain is inevitable in this life. No matter how much you try, you can’t escape away from pain. And the fact is that you don’t want pain and sorrow. Then, what is the solution? Many ways are there in scriptures, but there is another very good one. I came across this while watching the movie Muqaddar Ka Sikander, when Kader Khan tells that to Amitabh. I thrilled even at that time. It is 100% correct.

And that method is to laugh. Laugh on the sorrow and pain. Whenever tears fill your eyes, laugh my friend. Laugh your heart out. Laugh on the crude realities of life. Laugh on the futility and irrelevance of the divine emotions which you have. Laugh on the name which divinity gets in this world. Laugh on everything surrounding you and you will see that your sorrow is a little mitigated.


4 thoughts on “Sorrow and laughter”

  1. I don’t know what this Rahul is talking about. I want to appreciate the way you have seen this scene. Had kadar khan been alive he would have much haapier than anyone. Bollywood movies have really given a lot of things to lot of people.inspiration, solace,spirt……….
    ये गीत भी क्या खूब है
    मै जिन्दगी का साथ निभाता चला गया
    हर फिक्र को धुँये मे उडाता चला गया


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