On this day of Diwali, when I look back in past, it seems that I have travelled quite a lot. So much changes between one Diwali to another. It is only the last Diwali when I was under training in IRS and now I am working in a full fledged manner. But basically my memory goes back to 1999 when I was in Delhi, working hard for getting into IIT. With only one motto and single minded devotion to get into IIT. How quickly your aspirations and your ambitions change. It is exactly ten years back when I didn’t think of anything else, then came the aspirations of securing high CPIs, then getting awards then getting into IAS and then finally getting good position in academy and some other things. My own life teaches me that things which were my life and soul yesterday are nowhere in my scheme of things now. Think carefully, it establishes beyond doubt the futility of desires. Understand this and life will become absolutely peaceful.


5 thoughts on “Diwali”

  1. Futility of desires is indeed a thought-provoking idea. But what beats me, and most of us, is the resilience of desires, of love and of attachment. How do we overcome that? People who have been able to do that, must have been formed in a different cast. Nice reflective write-up.


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