जनम अकारथ खोइसि

जनम अकारथ खोइसि
रे मन, जनम अकारथ खोइसि।
हरि की भक्ति न कबहूँ कीन्हीं, उदर भरे परि सोइसि॥
निसि-दिन फिरत रहत मुँह बाए, अहमिति जनम बिगोइसि।
गोड़ पसारि परयो दोउ नीकैं, अब कैसी कहा होइसि॥
काल जमनि सौं आनि बनी है, देखि-देखि मुख रोइसि।
सूर स्याम बिनु कौन छुड़ाये, चले जाव भई पोइसि॥

O mind, listen, you have wasted this life without any achievement. Oh, you have completely wasted it. Never ever you had any devotion for Shri Hari. Always engaged in eating and sleeping,always roaming around with great ego, you have wasted the life completely. Now, the death time has come, what will you get by crying. Come, come along with me to Shyam Krishna, He only will save you.


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