प्रभु मोरे अवगुण चित न धरो

प्रभु मोरे अवगुण चित न धरो ।

समदरसी है नाम तिहारो चाहे तो पार करो ॥

एक लोहा पूजा में राखत एक घर बधिक परो ।

पारस गुण अवगुण नहिं चितवत कंचन करत खरो ॥

एक नदिया एक नाल कहावत मैलो ही नीर भरो ।

जब दौ मिलकर एक बरन भई सुरसरी नाम परो ॥

एक जीव एक ब्रह्म कहावे सूर श्याम झगरो ।

अब की बेर मोंहे पार उतारो नहिं पन जात टरो ॥

It might be the fact that I have a lot of deficiencies, a lot of bad habits, but O Lord, please don’t heed to my faults. You see every body as equal, no one is small or big before You; it is up to You to take me across this ocean. Iron is put at both places, in temple and in butcher’s house, but the philosopher’s stone turns both of them in gold. Does it ever distinguish between them? When a drain mixes with Ganga, it becomes Ganga my Lord. Prabhu, one is called jeeva and one is Shyam, Krishna, Vishnu, Madhav, Ram, Guruvayoorappan, Tirupati…Lord, this time take me across this ocean of miseries, otherwise You give up Your word that You are the saviour of people who come to Your refuge.


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