Standard of success

I was just watching a video on you tube. It was Swami Prabhupada’s lecture. Rather a question-answer session. I am always confused about the objective of life. I don’t really know as to what is the goal of life. I have asked many people, but am still dissatisfied. I have no idea of what a successful life means. Having a good academic background, a good service, sufficient money in your bank account? These materialistic parameters are obviously not the yardsticks of a successful life. Then what is it? At the end of the session, Swami Prabhupada has made a striking statement. It is so true. I was thrilled. The statement is, “the standard of success is whether you have pleased God”. God has stated His desire in several scriptures. He has stated categorically as to what He wants from us. He has said as to how He wants us to live our lives. If we want to please Him, we have to do exactly what He demands from us. Two persons may understand the same statement spoken by God in different ways. But as long as, in all honesty, they work as per their understanding of God’s statement, it is my intuitive belief that they have pleased God. Bhagvan will be happy with that person and that is the only standard of success in life.


5 thoughts on “Standard of success”

  1. If we act as per our understanding of God’s statements, in all honesty, then I think He will be pleased. No one can ever say that he has understood God’s statement completely. So, one has to work as per his understanding, no matter how much incomplete it is. And work on that in all honesty.


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