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January to March 2010

Almost one year of posting in Mumbai as Assistant Commissioner is getting over. Till December I really did not have much time to think anything other than the income tax assessment. With a constant assurance to my Senior Tax Assistant that the work will be considerably lesser in the coming months, I somehow got the work done from her. Then came a small little lull in the month of January only for the coming storm of pending appeal effects, unattended rectifications, consolidating arrear and demand collection register along with understanding and reconciling the figures of CAP I report. I had to demonstrate everything to my Sr TA by doing it myself. And had to bear her constant complaints that she was doing calculations for the first time after her high school. Somehow, I got the works for Jan and Feb done only to know and realize that I am far behind in the terms of collection of taxes. The month of March saw a hell lot of work with constant pestering, phone calls, persuasion, voice modulations and face changes to recover the demands which I had raised in the first year of my assessment. I finally succeeded to recover majority of the demand in which I felt that the assessee will not win at the appellate stage. It finally culminated in the making of CAP I report myself so as to depict correctly the work done by me.

The first year left on me a kind of mixed feeling. While I am very happy that I could do all the works assigned to me with the highest efficiency I could offer, yet the staff crunch and lack of supportive systems practically tested my endurance like anything. And the biggest bravery is that you have to have a smiling face despite all this.

Having said this, apart from meeting all the professional targets, something else happened in between. From somewhere, I heard the name of Tapovan Swami. He was the Guru of Swami Chinmayanand. I searched on net and found that his most acclaimed book is ‘Iswara Darshan’. Originally written in Sanskrit, then translated to Malayalam and subsequently to English, this book has come out as a result of pious life of a greatly courageous man. Each and every word of this book has to be read very carefully as we had read ‘Concepts of Physics’ by HC Verma for JEE. This book suddenly invigorated my basic propensity, striving for Bhagvan. I had almost forgotten spirituality in my quest to understand and master Income-tax Act. A sure relief from that, I started reading all major works of Tapovan Swami, Swami Chinmayananda and others. A brief list is as follows:-

  1. Iswara Darshan
  2. Wanderings in the Himalayas
  3. Kailas Yatra
  4. Commentary on Bhagvad Geeta by Swami Chinmayananda
  5. Sanskrita Prabodhini by Swami Pragyatirtha
  6. Bhakti Yoga by Swami Niranjananada
  7. Shiv Puran
  8. Soordas Bhajan
  9. Shrimad Gyaneshwari by Sant Gyaneshwar of Maharashtra
  10. Sowmya Kaseesha Stotram
  11. Astavakra Geeta
  12. Commentary of Shankaracharya on Geeta

The list goes on and on. I am still into all this. After a lot of introspection, reading, thinking and professional working, what has culminated is as follows:-

Never neglect Bhagvan in your day-to-day activities. Make Him the centre point of your existence. Make His pleasure as the single goal of your life. Follow His orders as enshrined in Geeta. Do all your duties, personal, professional and spiritual, with highest possible efficiency and least possible attachment. In all honesty, go through the scriptures with submissive mindset in a regular fashion. This world is not a place which you can ignore. Professional excellence is an absolute must.


9 thoughts on “January to March 2010”

  1. Hi Sudhanshu,

    You may be surprised to see this e-mail. I am a school friend of Amit Singh and I got to this link though Amit’s facebook.

    I am glad that in Indian IRS, we have qualified professionals like you and Amit; surely this would boost the morale of lot of young and budding Indian professionals. I am in Indian direct tax field for almost 10 years now. Believe me it is quite rewarding and self compelling. I enjoy this subject so much that at times I start dreaming about it. Now days, I am stationed in New York and work extensively on India-US cross border transactions with a focus on international taxation.

    I read your blog and it was a good read. Congratulations! Keep writing and if possible do send me those once it is uploaded.




  2. Sir,
    I am a final year BE mechanical engineering student.I will be giving CSE,IFoS and Engineering Services Exam next year.Sir,Mechanical Engineering and mathematics are my optionals.I need ur guidance,sir.Please suggest me the reading materials(books and other resources) and also the correct answering format to be adhered to while answering technical subjects.As for now I am studying Timoshenko and Young for Eng Mech and STM,and,PK NAG fo thermodynamics.

    I am very sorry for disturbing you.But Sir I really need your help.

    Yours Sincerely
    Saket Jyotishi


  3. @ Saket
    You are going in exactly same direction as was mine. I have given list of books in several replies in my comments section. You can get it from there. Read Indian books, foreign authors are not that much useful for these exams. Like Sadhu Singh for strength of material. Nag is ok. Khurmi for TOM tc. I have given the list in the comments.
    All the best.


  4. Dear Sir,

    I am an EE undergraduate from IIT Delhi. First of all, I thank you for maintaining this informative and insightful blog.

    Here you have said that you are working as an assessor and collector in Mumbai. Can you tell me whether this is a part of your role in IFoS, or you have qualified some other exam like the IRS? The entire spectrum of roles and positions in IFoS somewhat confuses me because much of it does not some of it does not seem directly related to forests and natural resources.

    Please throw some light.

    Sincere regards and best wishes.


  5. Hello Sir,
    I am an IFS aspirant. Can you please help me regarding study material for Forestry, Agricultural Engineering, English and General Studies?I understand that you took Engineering subjects as your optional subjects but if you know someone who did take these optional subjects please let me know.

    Devyani Jadhav


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