Source of happiness

Why is it that we feel happiness when we acquire the object of our desire? Reflect upon it! Is there any inherent joy in the object? We know intuitively, there is no inherent joy in the object. The same object is source of joy as well as repulsion for different persons. Then, where does this joy come from?

So, let us examine what is the difference between our position before and after the acquisition of desired object. It is not very difficult to understand that prior to acquisition, we are mentally agitated and we are quieter mentally after acquisition.

In the temporary quietude of mind, we feel happiness. We basically feel a trace of Self in quietude of mind. It is not that the mind can be made quiet only by accomplishing the objects of desire. There are other methods also, viz. meditation. In the absence of functioning of mind and intellect, only Self shall remain and there shall be nothing but bliss.


5 thoughts on “Source of happiness”

  1. Great Thought !
    As the acquisition to the so called object is temporary ,after acquiring the object the mind starts using its intellect to find some other acquirable thing which it does not posses.Thus its an endless process which gives us temporary peace.Finding the Self is the key to be happy in life.

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