Forum of interaction for IFS aspirants

Hi all,

I have created this dedicated post for you all to interact.


9 thoughts on “Forum of interaction for IFS aspirants”

  1. Sir I am a B.Tech student from ECE from an NIT. I am trying to decide between MBA and Civil Services.Could you please tell me what prompted you to choose IFS over the more lucrative jobs in the private sector?


  2. hello sir
    I have done my graduation in forestry and now i am from punjab, i am preparing for IFoS exam and i hope i would sit in 2014 prelim, sir i have a question regarding this exam
    sir, i put on spex and my eye sight is very low, is there any criteria for eye sight.


  3. Friends anybody wiťh zoology or botany optional, who gave exam last year? Jst tell me whether the booklet had extra space than GS, and if both were same then how did u manage to draw diagrams.
    plz throw some light, waiting for an early reply. Thanks in advance.


  4. hello! I have appeared for UPSC mains twice… i have heard that competetion is comparatively less in IFS as compared to IAS… one needs to prepare two optionals for the purpose…
    what do you suggest? should i start preparation for both.. plz reply asap.


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