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The infinite universe

        Is it not a great wonder that that an insignificant particle of dust in the universe, which we actually seem to be, thinks of itself as the center of the universe and regards its existence as a significant happening. A photograph of Earth taken from Mars was released by NASA a few days back. Earth looks just a tiny spot in the sky. Where am I in that spot?

       And still one plans his life and its affairs as if one is significant. One pays a lot of importance to his happiness and pains as if they constitute a remarkable happening in this infinite universe.

       Can this all exist in reality? What is this infinite and diverse plurality?

     Every night we see dreams. Our mind is the creator of dream universe along with its Sun, Moon and myriad stars. It is matter of common experience that one cannot ascertain as to whether one is dreaming or awake. Is it not logical, therefore, to conclude that mind alone is the creator of this seemingly infinite universe of waking state too?

      Further, we can also easily understand and appreciate that the feeling of ‘I’ while dreaming is the same as that in waking state. However, the dream world appears to be different from waking world. For e.g. we can dream of an Earth with two Suns (it was my dream when I was young, and the dream had frightened me like anything). The question is, where is the dream world in the mind as felt in the waking world? Is it not like a potential statue of uncarved stone? Is it not merely a potential image in uncarved marble? When the dream world can be so experienced and given the fact that there is no difference between dream state and waking state, is it not, therefore, logical to conclude that this infinite tangible universe before our eyes is nothing but an apparent perception of a potential image in an uncarved marble?


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