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Gems of Yoga Vasistha (Part-I)

Let us bow to that Truth, which is the source, sustainer and protector of all that is seen. Just as the dream world originates from, sustains on and dissolves in mind, this infinite world is dependent on that Truth alone.

Those are fit to go through this scripture, who are neither completely illuminated nor completely ignorant but have an understanding of their condition of bondage and want to free themselves. The biggest wonder is the lack of apprehension of one’s fallen condition. One is bound to sense objects, like an animal by the rope to the post, and yet one doesn’t realize it.

When a thirsty person in desert understands the stream of water to be a mere mirage, a mere illusion, he doesn’t go there to quench his thirst. Similarly, when dispassion arises as a result of inquiry into the nature of oneself, one doesn’t seek the sense object for happiness.

Presence of latent tendencies is bondage and extinction thereof is liberation. Also, the apparent existence of seer and seen is known as bondage and the extinction thereof is liberation.

Inquiry, contentment, good company and self-control are the four gatekeepers who guard the gate of liberation. Seer appears to be in bondage due to the effect of seen. When there is no seen, there is no bondage. This is experienced in deep sleep.

The infinite plurality of sentient beings and insentient objects is lost completely in that Truth. This happens as if the dream world merges into deep sleep. That Truth is neither light nor darkness, but the illuminator of both.

This diversity is the apparent perception of a potential image in an uncarved marble called mind. Mind alone becomes all this as ocean becomes waves. This world exists in mind in the same manner as an image, yet to be sketched, exists in the mind of an artist. Even as the meaning of word ‘bangle’ cannot be separate from the meaning of word ‘gold’, the meaning of word ‘world’ cannot be different from that Truth.

When thoughts cease, the knot of heart is destroyed, all doubts go extinct, in that silence, the Truth reveals itself.

Those unperturbed in both joy and sorrow, living at the spur of the moment, for whom there is no waking state but who are awake in even deep sleep, whose knowledge is free of latent tendencies, who though pure as space behave as common people, who don’t have feeling of doer while doing myriad acts, who neither disturb world nor does the world disturb them, are verily the persons liberated while living.

This coveted step of Jivanmukti starts with the dawn of first ray of knowledge when one becomes aware of his fallen condition. Unless this happens, where is the progress for a being? This results into good company of scriptures and sages resulting into extinction of desires. This desire if not annihilated here and now by the weapon of patience, can result into great miseries. This extinction of desires, in due course of time, leads one to liberation.

That state, where there is no thought, no intention, is the purest one. In that pure silence, all achievements are as insignificant as a blade of grass. That silence or thoughtless state should not be confused as action less state. Thought alone is bondage and absence thereof is liberation.


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