Spiritual discourses, Thoughts

Gems of Yoga Vasistha (Part-II)

Neither knowledge nor action alone can lead man to liberation. Like the two wings of birds, both knowledge as well as action are required to soar one to the height of liberation.

The appearance known as world is a mere confusion in the same manner as the blueness of the sky is an illusion. It is better not to dwell the mind on it rather ignore it.

To the unwise, knowledge of scriptures is a burden; to one who is full of desires, even wisdom is burden; to one who is restless, his own mind is burden; and to one who has no self-knowledge, his own body is a burden.

It is the mind alone which in the cause of all objects in the world. When the mind vanishes, the worlds too vanish.

It only appears that craving is directed for happiness. In reality, it leads neither to happiness nor unhappiness. It involves vain effort and leads to inauspiciousness.

This body, which delights in slightest gratification and gets distressed by least activity, is indeed highly despicable. Shame upon those who are bound to this body by the wine of ignorance.

He alone is a hero who is able to cross the ocean known as the mind and the senses.

Many aeons have come and gone; they are but moments in time for there is essentially no difference between an epoch and a moment. Only difference is scale.

If I don’t get established in wisdom now, when shall another opportunity arise? Indulgence in sense pleasure poisons the mind and the effect thereof lasts for several lifetimes.

He is truly a liberated sage, who by nature is not swayed by sense pleasures, is without the motivation of fame or other incentives.

Countless universes exist at every moment. They are born of desires, which arise in heart. Therefore, realizing heart will lead to realization of all, at once.

Effort in consonance with scriptures is self-effort. One should take recourse to it, grinding one’s teeth, and one should overcome evil by good and fate by self-effort.

Right understanding manifests in a heart, which is exposed to scriptures and sages. From that right understanding does the self-effort emanate.

Fate or divine dispensation is a mere tradition, which has come to be regarded as real by being repeatedly declared to be true. Therefore, renounce fatalism and apply yourself to self-effort.

When one sees that pleasure and pain chase each and cancel each other, then in that wisdom does one attain self-control and peace. Self-control without wisdom is repression.

One who, though living amongst all is unaffected by them, neither feels elated not hates, is self-controlled.

Knowledge of truth follows from inquiry. Tranquility in oneself follows from such inquiry. From that tranquility arises supreme peace, which is beyond thought. And then only is the end of all miseries. This inquiry should not be confused with reasoning or analysis. It is rather looking oneself, directly.

To renounce all craving for what has not ben obtained unsought, and to be satisfied with what comes unsought, without being elated or depressed by them, is contentment.

When this world appears as an appearance-a painting-it then induces neither elation nor sorrow. However, unless a person experiences the truth himself, he won’t be able to grasp it. The basis of all proof is direct experience of truth.

Even as empty inert nothingness is space, mind too is empty nothingness.

Nothing helps in the development as much as good company and the study of the scripture.

There is only one remedy of ignorance, the firm and decisive renunciation of craving of sense pleasure. It is important to understand that sense pleasure itself is not denounced. It is the craving therefor which is the root cause of misery.


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