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Who am I – Part II

Continuing from Who am I- Part I

B- Okay! I understand that adhyas cannot be destroyed without destruction of avidya. Thus, adhyas can be destroyed only through vidya which is also known as jnana.

A- Yes. You are right. Just keep in mind that avidya is not some existing entity. it is a name, mere name, which indicates the absence of vidya. Vidya is an an object, an entity, while avidya is merely absence thereof. thus, the destruction of avidya by vidya is not like killing a bird by stone wherein one existing entity destroys another. It is rather like filling an empty glass with water wherein an existing object destroys a non-existing object.

B- All good. I appreciate. But the question remains. How to get this vidya or jnana?

A- Well. Avidya means not knowing my own self ‘I’. It is a given that I don’t know myself. So, jnana is basically knowledge of myself.

B- Look. I am not inquiring as to what jnana is. I want to know as to how to get jnana i.e how to know myself. I understand that jnana is the knowledge of my own self.

A- See. In common parlance, one can get to know the object of knowledge. How can one know the user of instruments of cognition whence one gets knowledge. And you admit that ‘I’ is the knower.

B- Do you mean to say that I cannot know my own self.

A- You can know. But not through your BMIC. Becuase BMIC is mere instrument to know the objects of knowledge. You cannot get to know the knower through them. Can eyes see themselves? Are you getting my point?

B-Yes. I can appreciate. But I can know only through BMIC. Since it is clear that ‘I’ cannot be known through BMIC, it is but obvious that ‘I’ cannot be known.

A- Is it? Ok. Let us accept it for the time being. Pl tell me, can you recount of your experience of deep sleep- I mean dreamless sleep- one of your three states apart from waking and dream.

B- Look! I caught you. Waking, dream and deep sleep are not my states. These are states of my BMIC. When BMIC are functional, it is called waking state. When body is dysfunctional but only mind and intellect complex are functional, it is called dream. And when whole BMIC is dysfunctional it is termed as deep sleep. And it is also a fact that I don’t know as to how that state of deep sleep was. I don’t know anything about that state. But I can say that it was pretty blissful over then.

A- Wow! I am impressed. Quite logical. But then how do you know that you did not know anything in deep sleep?

B- Err…ummmm…I am not quite clear!

A- It’s ok! Tell me! Did you require functional presence of anything apart from yourself for the bliss of that state?

B- Well. It is clear that I existed in deep sleep even while BMIC were dysfunctional. It is also quite clear that the state of deep sleep does not require the functional presence of anything else other than my own self.

A- Does it not lead to the conclusion that you are bliss itself?

B- Well! Quite so.

A- You say that you do not know as to how it was in deep sleep. You also fail to answer as to how you know that you did not know then? Can you see that you are very knowledge itself?

B- I cannot quite see it. But ok! Proceed for the time being.

A- Are you anything other than what you were in deep sleep?

B- Nopes! I am all the same. I have always been the same.

A- Well. By logic, I can take you only up to this much. That you are unchangeable-conscious-blissful entity. What you actually are-can only be experienced!

B- How to experience my own self?

A- Since you accept that you are deep sleeper- and claim non-knowledge owing to dysfunctional state of mind then- it is but obvious that conscious deep sleep is only path to know your self; and only this can remove your adhyas- and liberate you from the misery of  happiness and sorrow.

B- But are not consciousness and deep sleep poles apart?

A- It appears so. But actually it is not. Logically, you are conscious deep sleeper. Experience it. Experience your very own Self!


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