The final vision

When one investigates the nature of world and oneself, the remarkable similarity of dream-world with waking-world simply amazes. It is bewildering to observe that by no logic can one establish as to whether the world before us is of dream or of waking. One can never say definitively that he is dreaming or waking. However, the existence of oneself is never in doubt. This has led to theories which state that everything before us is illusory while I myself am the only reality for my existence can never be in denial. Further, the body-mind-intellect etc are also illusory and hence non-existent and only IS can be said about myself. I exist, I am etc are the only statements which can be made about myself independently. The world before us is thus theorized to be illusory and hence non-existent. So, even when one sees the world before, one gets into witnessing mode, sakshi-bhava which leads to complete detachment and helps in being with one’s own self alone without agitation of mind.

However, there is a phenomenal statement given in Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad Bhashya by Shri Sankaracharya. It reads as follows-

यत्र हि द्वैतमिव भवति तदितर इतरं जिघ्रति तदितर इतरं पश्यति तदितर इतरं शृणोति तदितर इतरमभिवदति तदितर इतरं मनुते मदितर इतरं विजानाति यत्र वा अस्य सर्वमात्मैवाभूत्तत्केन कं जिघ्रेत्तत्केन कं पश्येत्तत्केन कं शृणुयात्तत्केन कमभिवदेत्तत्केन कं मन्वीत तत्केन कं विजानीयात्.

The statement explains that transactions are possible only when there is as-if-duality i.e. द्वैतमिव. This is so because when this world before us becomes our own Self – यत्र वा अस्य सर्वम् आत्मा एव अभूत् – then transaction becomes impossible.

It is clear that sakshi-bhava does not transcend as-if-duality. This is so because there is constant and tacit averment in the transactions that I am permanent whereas the world before me is non-existent and illusory and hence I am a mere sakshi to this illusory world. The duality of existent-me and non-existent-world remains and hence it will not lead to absence of fear. It is a no brainer to state that absence of desire and hence resultant peace cannot be there unless there is absence of duality. Duality-as-if too needs to go if peace is to dawn. Ishavasya says it as follows:-

यस्मिन्सर्वाणि भूतानि आत्मैवाभूद्विजानतः । तत्र को मोहः कः शोक एकत्वमनुपश्यतः

Thus it is noticed that sakshi-bhava cannot be the final thing for it will not lead to cessation of moha and shoka. It will lead to disenchantment and that with a rider of uncertainty of its longevity. For when there are two, nothing can be precluded.

Thus, it is obvious that unless everything else is not understood as one’s own Self, the object of peace will remain a mirage. But how can it be? I am existence whereas everything else is non-existence. How can non-existent be understood as existence?

Here comes an important concept of swaroop, one’s own essential nature. Swaroop of X is Y if and only if X can never exist without being Y. Now a pot can never exist without being clay. Hence, clay is the swaroop of pot. A little thinking would reveal that the material cause is the swaroop of an object. Chhandogya Upanishad then emphatically declares that my own Self is the material cause of this entire world and I alone am the swaroop of the world. It is mind-numbing as to how could I, the changless entity, be the material cause of the world. However, one takes solace from the fact that even the omniscient Rigveda doesn’t have an answer to this as it reveals in Nasadiya Sukta by stating:-

को अद्धा वेद क इह प्र वोचत्कुत आजाता कुत इयं विसृष्टिः |अर्वाग्देवा अस्य विसर्जनेनाथा को वेद यत आबभूव ॥६॥

इयं विसृष्टिर्यत आबभूव यदि वा दधे यदि वा न |यो अस्याध्यक्षः परमे व्योमन्त्सो अङ्ग वेद यदि वा न वेद ॥७॥

But, after all, who knows, and who can say, whence it all came, and how creation happened?

the gods themselves are later than creation, so who knows truly whence it has arisen?

Whence all creation had its origin, he, whether he fashioned it or whether he did not,

he, who surveys it all from highest heaven, he knows – or maybe even he does not know.

Now this phenomenal piece of knowledge gives several insights. I share according to my own limited understanding. It no longer remains the case of anyone that the creation is illusory for then there remains no mystery therein. It is as clear as sunlight. It is like a trick, a dream, hypnotism. That’s it. The mystery is gone and Nasadiya Sukta is rendered superfluous poetry. That is certainly avoidable considering the omniscience of Rigveda. Another insight is that the how of creation cannot be known. It is an unknowable. The only thing which can be known and then subsequently realized is that I am the swaroop of the world. That I am different from the world but the world is not different from me. This realization is what is famously known as sarvatma-bhav.

So, the idea is that the same world can be seen with two ways just as a jar can be seen with two views. One is the drishti of material cause while is the other is that of the effect. With cause-vision, there is no transaction and is similar to the states of deep sleep or Samadhi. With effect-vision, it is sarvatma-bhav, understanding that everything is I myself. And thus one goes beyond fear. Thus, a jnani too has jagrat-swapna-sushupti like us. It is the case of none that a sage doesn’t dream. But the difference is that he has sarvatma-bhav in jagrat and swapna while swaroop-bhav in sushupti. Needless to say, this understanding has obvious connotations of difference between waking-world and dream-world. While the dream-world has material cause of my mind, the waking-world has material cause of I myself.


7 thoughts on “The final vision”

  1. J. krishnamurti realized the ultimate vision of vedanta , that – from the absolute standpoint of brahman ( infinite awareness , ie ) there is neither a Jiva , nor a Universe , nor an Ishwara . However , he NEVER mentioned all these speculative concepts such as ‘ishwara’ & ‘Maya Shakti’ .. , which Vedanta mentions in the beginning of the scripture , but in the end it denies it – thus – ” from the standpoint of the Brahman , there is no Jiva , No Universe & No Ishwara ” ! J.K didn’t believe in any concept at all . He wanted us to realize the ultimate truth that – ” the only true freedom is that which is CHOICE LESS . and , Awareness is that choice less freedom , because , it exists without any cause , without ‘our’ choosing or Not choosing . He said that. – we THINK that we are free when we can choose . But , that is a wrong notion , because .. the capacity to choose only creates bondage , in the sense that , if you choose A instead of B , then you feel incomplete . You are Stuck with A & You miss B . Therefore , he didn’t encourage the audience to get trapped in any of the thought created concepts & choices , such as – The Universe does not really exist .. or .. that , this universe is a projection of ishwara & maya shakti .. etc , etc . He simply meant that one must be Aware Choicelessly , be impersonal , watch the WHAT IS ( what is happening ‘now’ without judging it as good or bad ) . This impersonal , choice less attention , he said is the INSIGHT ( Intelligence ) that frees us from the bondage of WHAT IS ! …. in other words ( my humble understanding , of course ) it all boils down to the fact that – – it is the THOUGHT that creates all the concepts of body , universe & god . The proof , like the one popularly given by Vedanta , is the Deep sleep state , in which every concept ends . No body , no ‘i’ , no universe , no god . Why ? Because the Thought , which is present in both – the waking as well as the dream state is ABSENT ! So , THOUGHT is the real creator , NOT , ishwara & maya shakti ! —–
    So , after carefully going through all this JK ( i think ) realized that – choice less awareness is INTELLIGENCE . And , when this INTELLIGENCE operates , then there is a freedom even from the question of whether this UNIVERSE really exists , or , NOT !


    1. It is thought that says ” oh , that is a snake ” ( whereas in actuality , it could be a rope ! ) it the thought that paints abstract paintings ( thought creates something ‘abstract’ that didn’t even exist except in the mind of the painter ) . It the thought that speculates that there is Ishwara , maya shakti , etc ! In reality , NO ishwara has come and told us that – ” I AM ISHWARA , I HAVE CREATED YOU & THE WORLD USING MAYA SHAKTI ” !


        1. At any given moment , only☝️️one thing can exist . Either a train thought or a pot thought . Never a train & a pot thought , simultaneously . In the same way – at any particular moment , either infinite Awareness exists ( as in deep-Sleep state ) .. OR , the ‘Thought’ / Mind projected conceptual & speculative Universe can exist . NEVER , BOTH TOGETHER . Why does Sushupti ( deep- Sleep state ) feel blissful ? Its because there is absence of thoughts ,so absence of ‘i’ as ego ,, absence of the mind projected conceptual , speculative body , universe & God . To put it simply – that freedom of sushupti state can operate in the waking state also
          If there is FULL ATTENTION .. because . When there is full attention , the Thought comes to a ✋ Stop ! In full attention , there is freedom , because , the thought as the ‘i’ , as the ‘center’ vanishes . And when the ‘center’ vanishes , there is No ‘Circumference’ , so there is no feeling of a boundary , limitation or a feeling of imprisonment ! Of course , awareness ( Satyam ) is the source & the content of Thought ( mithya ) , therefore – a thought cannot exist without awareness , but , awareness can exist freely , without a thought ( as in the deep- sleep ) . Just like a ring cannot exist without gold , but , gold is FREE , it can exist in the ring and also without the ring.
          This fact does not imply that THOUGHT is totally USELESS . NO ! thought is necessary while driving a car or while solving a difficult mathematical equation .. but .. Thought is not necessary in Relationships , because , relationships is all about love & Compassion . How can there be live & compassion when the Thought is actively calculating as to wether this live & compassion will profit me , or , Not ?


  2. At any particular moment , Awareness , or , Attention is present in thought. It can exist with thought , as well as without thought . Just like a cause is also the effect , but , Our limited 5-sense based perceptions cannot draw a line between the cause & effect . Hence the illusion of this mind created Universe ! However , when there is full attention or awareness , it can be FREE from the thought/ mind created effect ( universe ) ! Attention can operate without giving the brain a chance to create an effect ( universe , i.e ) an effect cannot exist without a cause , but , on the absolute plane , cause can exist without an effect , because , awareness is self- existent , infinite and cause-less cause of all effects ! It is the MIND / THOUGHTS that Create the CHOICES and the dualities of i & universe , doubts , concepts & speculations ! Awareness / Attention can beat the brain , not give the brain to focus on the effect ( universe ) . So , its all a matter of where the FOCUS is ON – – at a given moment — is it on the effect ? Or , is it the cause-less cause ITSELF ? 🤔 ?


  3. So , since at any given moment , only☝️️ thing can exist , either thought exist , or , Attention exists . Both cannot be active at the same moment . Therefore , when there us full ATTENTION , the ‘other’ ( thought , i.e ) ENDS ! Thought created fear , jealousy , anger etc. END ! Thought created concepts , speculations & doubts , END ! ONLY ‘INTELLIGENCE’ EXISTS ! This ‘Intelligence’ brings about ‘Right Action’ to deal with ‘WHAT IS’ ( fear, jealousy anger etc) !
    J. K said – ” Meditation means – coming to that state of NOTHINGNESS . ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ” He further explained that – ” ‘Nothingness’ is not a ‘Negative’ thing . It means – a state that is NOT created by the ‘THOUGHT’ !
    Therefore ( my humble understanding is that – Thought is the creator of the whole universe . NOT , Ishwara or maya shakti , but , THOUGHT! You might protest thus – ” No ! Thought has NOT created that TIGER . Ishwara has Created the Tiger ( or the Universe ) . I can argue – ” well , Thought has created the Jumbo Jet ( 500 people flying together 30, 000 ft above ground ) Thought has created the amazingly marvelous computer called the ‘Smart Phone ( amazing , because .. thru a small gadget , you can see & talk to someone 12,500 miles away ! )
    And , the same thought also creates the concepts of Ishwara , God & worships it in marvelously created temples , churches & mosques ! And this same Thought also creates the divisions within mankind as HINDU , MUSLIM , CHRISTIAN — AMERICAN , PAKISTANI , INDIAN — BLACK , WHITE — etc —- and thought having created all the divisions , it naturally results in conflict & War !
    So , thought has its right place , but , Intelligence ( full Attention ) in the present moment brings an Instant transformation or an END to the thought that creates the dualities that result in FEAR & other such negativities !


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