The transience of life

Human life is so ephemeral. Though all lives are transient, the impact of ephemerality of human life is so difficult to cope up with. Nothing matters to us unless it happens with us. There are non-vegetarian people who eat meat which involves killing animals and they don’t bat an eye. Then there are so much of killing of human beings which we read every day in newspapers with a sip of tea. It doesn’t move us. It doesn’t affect us.

Yesterday I read a news article in Times of India wherein a three year old child died after falling from seventh floor of her residence. It was morning and her mother had left home for her office. The grandfather had gone for morning walk. The grandmother for her yoga classes. And the father to drop the elder child to school bus. Generally, the father used to take the child along but that day he didn’t because the child was sleeping. While everyone was away, the child might have woken up and finding nobody, she would have panicked and went to balcony. And then the rest.

I read the article. I am among the persons who doesn’t bat an eye come what may. However, this news article shook me from deep inside and tears flowed down. Here was a three year old child, who celebrated her birthday just yesterday and here she dies.

What this life is all about? Who am I? Who are we? How is my life important? How is it not insignificant given the fact that I can die any moment? A truck can come over and one is finished. Then what is this fuss that I have created around my life. What is the significance? If there is no significance, why this ado, this noise, this turmoil?

Though I claim to know the answer, deep down, I know that I really know nothing. That I am nothing in this great scheme of things.


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