Search the ever-new

Learning new thing is addictive. Be it anything, it will engross you as long as it is new. I sat in the evening on my computer just to check a few mails and scraps, landed on my blog to see if anything has happened thereon, and here I am writing a post at 2:30 in the morning. Well, it all started with one query as to how to justify the texts in the posts. I got the answer but then learning never stops. I found Lorelle on WordPress, a blog full of informations related to WordPress. Learned quite a few things. Used Flickr for the first time. Learned how to add polls in any post. Added a few widgets. And still there are many things which I want to learn.

Indeed, it is the newness which keeps and invigorates interest in your day-to-day life. Only problem is that new becomes old after the passage of a little time. It is at this place where search for something which is ever-new and never-ending begins. Well, I am getting philosophical and before I quote a line or two from our scriptures, I would sign off. 😛 


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