Emotions are so temporary. Something which was sole aim of your life yesterday, is irrelevant today. Something which you wanted badly is nothing for you now. There is no permanence. And still 99.99% of your works are primarily moved by emotions. You do something because you like doing that, without having a single thought that you may dislike it most the very next day. We do works primarily for pleasure without thinking the very cause of pleasure today will be the root cause of sorrow, pain and grief tomorrow.

In such case, what should we do? Should we stop doing everything and anything. No, says our religious texts. This is where self-restrain and spirituality comes into picture. That our conscience should be pure. That even though we are swayed by strong impulses, still we should be able to understand the miseries which will lie in future if we commit those deeds. It is a battle of mind and your consciousness has to be of highest standards if you want to win over yourself. Life has got a very definite purpose and we should not commit even a single deed which diverts us away from that purpose. [Bhagvat Puran].

Hadith [Islamic scripture] says that Allah verily forgives those, who even though swayed by impulses, don’t act upon them or don’t speak about them. 

Buddha says that one should be detached from all material emotions and roam alone, like a rhino. That will be the ultimate thing. 

It is up to us as to what path we choose for ourselves. A person living life like a material worm or like a rhino. Let’s have a thought.


3 thoughts on “Emotions”

  1. Hi bhai…the Buddha’s funda is quite appealing. Really.

    Tho’ am not drawing any comparison..not at all by any chance..I’m compelled to remember Rajnikanth’s punch dialog in Sivaji .. “Only pigs come in groups. Lion walks alone”.


  2. There is a Doha in Hindi–

    सिंहों के नहीं लेहड़े, हंसों की नहीं पाँत।
    लालों की नहीं बोरियाँ, साधु न चले जमात।।

    It means: there are no—
    groups of lions,
    lines of doves,
    bags of gems..
    and sages too don’t walk in a group.

    If you are good, you are alone.


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